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Happy to share special moments of our shows and events in respect to our dear clients and audience, thank you very much for all your compliments and cooperation. Champorado band and team is honored to be part of your entertainment and special events.

Here are some of our wonderful moments and amazing company that we very much support and promote as part of their music team.

Let us continue to share the MUSIC in LOVE and keep the JOY high with the CHAMPORADO  MUSIC.

Our music team is always here to listen and spice-up colors to your events with lots of love, smiles, dance movements and variety of music genre, and so the stage is for all to shine ♥☆♫

Louisiane Brewhouse - Nha Trang Valentine's event 2019♥♥☆♫۶

Champorado band would like to express our big thankfulness to the management, Director, GM and guest of Louisiane Brewhouse - Nha Trang City for a

very beautiful and successful night of HAPPY HEARTS PARTY.

Louisiane Brewhouse Restaurant

Address: 29 Tran Phu,Nha Trang, Nha Trang

For Reservation & Events: 84 (58) 3 521 948, 84 (58) 3 521 831

Email: info@louisiane.com.vn

Louisiane Brewhouse is an ideal place for you to sunbathe, watch the sunset, or mingle with activities at night. Guests will enjoy the swimming pool from 

8 am to 5 pm before Louisiane Brewhouse transforms itself into an ideal place for you to watch the sunset with a freshly brewed beer at the restaurant.

Besides, tourists can enjoy diverse dishes then at evenings enjoy the music nights at Louisiane, to have memorable moments with friends and relatives.

Relax with the poolside bar with a variety of beers on the spot, fresh to the last drop while embracing harmious ambiance of the place.

It was an amazing and very beautiful place, perfect for soul relaxing and great food plus the best fresh beers in town. Occupying a prime location on the coast of 

Nha Trang, famous for its long white sandy beach. Champorado band and team are honored to perform in this amazing place.